Sep 25 2010

Must Read: Nine great posts from other bloggers

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The weather report is calling for rain tomorrow and I’m planning to catch up on some reading.  It seemed to be the perfect time to launch a new feature on Bulldog Simplicity AND Consultant Launch Pad (yes, I’m publishing the same content on both blogs because my readerships are different) and offer up a few links to articles that are worth your time but that you may have missed over the past week as you were trying to sell more, spend less, or get more customers to like, know, and trust you.

This is certainly not a new concept and many of you may have favorite bloggers you follow who do the same.  I religiously read the links provided each week by Mitch Joel, John Jantsch, and or Gini Dietrich.  But as tweets fly by at a relentless pace, I’m finding myself clicking Favorites more often and thought I’d share the ones with tips or observations that consultants and/or small business owners could add to their Monday To Do lists in hopes of finding a new client or customer, retaining an existing one, or doing something a little more efficiently or effectively. 

Great Infographics.  Fast Company’s website searches the world looking for cool infographics that explain interesting stuff in a simple manner.  The aforementioned Mitch Joel pointed me toward this site with one from Newsweek magazine that explains what it’s like to be trapped in a Chilean mine, but bookmarking this feature and looking at it on a regular basis could give you ideas for your own customer communications, blogs, or presentations.  Picture an infographic on The History of Pasta for a paper placement in an Italian restaurant.  Would that be cool or what?

Getting Customers to Buy.  Sixteen simple ways to engage with customers and encourage them to buy from you from copywriter/direct marketer Dean Rieck.  I had this one queued up and then Copyblogger suggested the same one in their post today.  And that, I suppose, reinforces the idea that this one is valuable for people trying to figure out how to get their customers or prospects to pay attention.

B2B Marketers Must Think Like Consumers.  One of my favorite quotes of the week came from David Meerman Scott, who tweeted, “Attention B2B marketers: You are never marketing to a business. You are always marketing to people.”  This Forbes article is much longer, very thoughtful, and a terrific complement to David’s 13-word great advice.

Ways That Retailers Can Drive Traffic Using Twitter and Facebook.  Some great tips that also apply to consultants from the always-interesting Rich Brooks.  He wrote this for Social Media Examiner, but his blog is worth a look on a regular basis.

10 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Marketing.   Writing for the MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog (which you should explore from this post), Michael Stibbe starts by saying, “Every day, marketing professionals are looking for a way to do something amazing, to impress their clients, to get the job done faster and to grow their business. Technology isn’t the magic bullet for all your problems but, used well, it can really help.”  Good, quick tips.

Content Lessons Learned From 25 Popular Posts.  Jay Baer is considered an icon in the field of content marketing — what you provide to readers and visitors to your site that they find valuable.  Not only does he offer links to those posts, he takes a look at what they have in common.

Exceeding Delivery Expectations as a Strategic Marketing Process.  I actually tripped over this Duct Tape Marketing post by John Jantsch; somehow I missed it on Friday.  That said, the notion of first setting expectations and then exceeding them applies to consultants and small businesses alike (and big businesses too — one of his examples is Zappo’s).

The Disease Called “Perfection.”  I’m not going to say much about this post by single dad Dan beyond the fact that he started blogging only a few months ago; more than 100,000 people have already looked at this heartfelt post from a few days ago; and you can apply its message to both your business and personal life. 

The Pattern of Business Success.   This actually passed across my screen as I was getting ready to hit the Publish button on this post, but is so cool that I “stopped the presses” to share it with you.  If you’ve ever seen Wordle — a program you see on many blogs that creates word clouds that show the dominant words and phrases in your writing (it’s also great to use on your resume) — you’ll click on this to see what happened when John Spence applied Wordle to his life’s work.  It’s fascinating. 

Well, that’s it for this week.  This is the stuff I liked and, more important, stuff that I thought you’d like.  Please feel free to post links to things you liked in the comments or tell me what kind of posts you’d be interested in seeing.  My commitment to you is that I’m going to look for some more obscure bloggers for next week; it’s not difficult to find good stuff from the people included here.  But I also suspect that many of you aren’t all that familiar with some of these people, so introducing you isn’t such a bad thing either.

Have a great week!

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