Oct 03 2010

11 useful posts from the past week

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You’re busy and may not have had time to keep pace with some of the best posts from the past week.  Here’s a set of links to articles that should keep you current.  This is a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with these writers and perhaps subscribe to their blogs or bookmark their sites.  As always, I’m posting the same list over on Consultant Launch Pad.  Have a great week!

12 E-Mail Marketing Tips for Small Business.  I’m linking to the post by Chrisanne Sternal of UnderstandingMarketing.com, but it borrows heavily (and acknowledges it) from a post that Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media wrote for the Small Business Trends blog.

Social Media and the Big Conversation “Fail.”  It started with a great post by Mark W. Schaefer (he of the terrific [grow} blog) about his surprising meeting with someone who he “talks to” a lot through social media.  What put this post on this week’ list are the comments — more than 100 of them — that really highlights social media’s strengths as a place to build community. 

How to Align Marketing With Sales.   Michael Brenner’s post covers an important topic, but what set is apart was the way he juxtaposed a couple of other recent posts on the subject and provide links to those posts.  That’s what put it on this list.

Why Getting Attention Won’t Make You Rich.  A very funny post on Copyblogger from Sonia Simone, who argues that being unique and authentic and getting attention isn’t all there is to being successful.  Instead, says Sonia, the key is building trust.

Small Business Act of 2010: An Overview.  Nice summary of the new law that builds on information that MyVenturePad.com took from the White House Blog.  Good starting point for consultants who are interested in how it will impact them so you can ask questions of your lawyer or accountant or do additional research.

Time is Money, Now Act Like It.  Are you taking full advantage of your most valuable resource?  Scott Allen offers some great tips that really struck a nerve in terms of the comments on this post.

8 Bad Habits That Stifle Your Creativity.  Dean Rieck makes the list for the second week in a row in a post for Copyblogger (And this would be a good time to go sign up for the RSS or e-mail feed of their daily posts).  A nice piece that talk about the habits that “crush the creative pathways in your brain.” 

Living Self-Employed Online: The Manual They Forgot to Give You.  Glen (just Glen — no last name that I could find) is apparently a 21-year-old South African from England has written a great post that’s worth a read from every consultant who used to work in an office and now has to stay focused in a home office.

 Clever Ideas Can Sound Crazy…At First.  Just a quick post with a reminder to listen when your co-workers (or the people around you) come up with ideas.  Nice summary from Paul Williams of IdeaSandbox from the always valuable MarketingProfs Daily Fix site.

Found in Translation. In the midst of some recent online debates about who bloggers write for, here’s a thoughtful NY Times op-ed piece by author Michael Cunningham (“The Hours”) on how he learned to write for for his readers, plus some musings on the “most fundamental yet elusive quality for writers.”   A great reminder not only for consultants’ blogging efforts, but for proposal and report writing.

And in the Video/Graphic Department…

30 Conversations on Design.  Just a very cool website created last year by Little & Company to commemorate 30 years in business.  The comany asks 30 very creative people two questions:  What single example of design inspires you most (For Dan Pink, it’s the eraser) and What problem shoudl design solve next?  The 2010 videos are now up (making a total of 60 on the site).  Bookmark the site and go to it when you need to be inspired or just to get a different perspective on things.

Did I miss any?  Please feel free to add additional links in the Comments or send me your thoughts for next week’s post.

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