Nov 07 2010

Is the link to simplifying your life in this post?

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I’ve been busy this past weekend getting ready to start a new job tomorrow. Part of that has “required” me to get rid of a lot of piles, organize stuff I haven’t gotten to, and play Inbox Zero (deleted nearly 2 GB of things I was sure I’d get to).  All this “organization” has reinforced the importance of trying to keep things simple — the reason I started this blog in the first place.  Here are some great posts from the past week from some very smart people that may help you reduce the complexity in your life.

Simple Is Not Easy.  The hurdle for a great post gets a bit higher when you name your blog, Awaken Your Superhero.  Christopher S. Penn consistently vaults over this barrier.  If you’re looking for a way to explain your desire to simplify your life and your business, this post does a great job.  Chris makes the case that Simple and Easy are antonyms, but makes a good case for not eliminating “easy” from your vocabulary.

The Applications I Use Daily.  I’ve mentioned Chris Brogan before.  Once or twice.  This guy is seriously busy and seriously productive.  Here’s a list of applications he uses to keep everything straight.

Turn Your Inbox into a Robust Reminder System.  So I spent 3-4 hours yesterday playing Inbox Zero as I get ready for a new challenge.  As is normally the case, I came across a few e-mails that I wish I hadn’t let fall into the abyss.  Good post from Ben Parr at Mashable on how to avoid the problem.

Five Ways Twitter Can Help You Avoid Distraction.  Twitter can be a great tool and a lot of people are working hard to figure out how to apply it to growing your business.  But it can also be a huge time-waster.  I’ve already started to apply this advice from Alexandra Samuel on the Harvard Business Review blog.

The Bucket List Lie.   Jonathan Fields looks at the “average person’s bucket list” and then offers a great alternative to what he assumes will anger the reader.  It’s all about the execution.

Would You Pay More for Less?  A follow up to a post from August by Dilbert creator Scott Adams raises the issue of whether too much choice is good.  And there’s a great discussion at the end of the post in the Comments.

The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today.  The headline alone does not scream simplicity, but this post by Jay Baer does provide a great overview of what people use to keep track of everything they’re doing with social media.  Worth a look.  You probably won’t use all 39, but you may find a few new ones to try.

How It Works: What Happens When You Search Google.  A good combination of post and video from ZDNet, with the video explanation coming from Matt Cutts of Google and the post-video explanation of the subtleties from Stephen Chapman.

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